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        Section II Reading Comprehension

        Part B


        The following paragraphs are given in a wrong order. For questions 4145, you are required to recognize these paragraphs ......

        [A] The tools can help you win every argument—not in the unhelpful sense of beating your opponent but in the better sense of learning about why they disagree with us and learning to talk and work together with them. If we readjust our view of arguments—from a verbal fight or tennis game to a reasoned exchange through which we all gain mutual respect and understanding—then we change the very nature of what it means to “win” an argument.

        [B] Of course, many discussions are not so successful. Still, we need to learn how to evaluate them properly. A large part of evaluation is calling out bad arguments, but we also need to admit good arguments by opponents and to apply the same critical standards to ourselves. Humanity requires you to ....... Assess its strength impartially. Raise objections and listen carefully to their replies.

        [D] Carnegie would be right if arguments were fights, which is how we often think of time. Like physical fights, verbal fights can leave both sides bloodied. Even when you win, you end up no better off. Your prospects ......

        [F] These views of arguments also undermine reason. If you see a conversation as a fight or competition: you can win by cheating as long as you don’t get caught. You be happy to convince people with arguments. You can call their view stupid, or joke about how ignorant they are. None of these tricks will help you understand them, their positions or the issues that divide you, but they can help you win—in one way.

        [G] There is a better way to win arguments. ......


        41 →42 →F→43 →44 →C→45


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