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        Section II Reading Comprehension

        Part A


        Read the following four texts. Answer the questions below each text by choosing A, B, C or D......

        Text 1

        Financial regulators in Britain have imposed a rather unusual rule on the bosses of big banks. Starting next year, any guaranteed bonus of top executives could be delayed 10 years if their banks are under investigation for wrongdoing. The main purpose of this “clawback” ......

        “Short-termism,” or the desire for quick profits, has worsened in publicly traded companies, says the Bank of England’s top economist, Andrew Haldane. He quotes a giant of classical economics, Alfred Marshall, in describing this financial impatience as acting like “children ......

        The average time for holding a stock in both the United States and Britain, he notes, has dropped from seven years to seven months in recent decades. Transient investors, who demand high ......

        In addition, new digital technologies have allowed more rapid trading of equities, quicker use of information, and thus shorter attention spans in financial markets. “There seems to be a predominance of short-term thinking at the expense of long-term investing,” said Commissioner Daniel Gallagher of the US Securities and Exchange Commission in a speech this week.

        In the US, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 has pushed most public companies to defer performance bonuses for senior executives by about a year, slightly helping reduce “short-termism.” In its latest survey of CEO pay, The Wall Street Journal finds that “a substantial part”......

        Within companies, the right compensation design can provide incentives for executives to think beyond their own time at the company and on behalf of all stakeholders. Britain’s new rule is a reminder ......

        21. According to Paragraph 1, one ......

        [A] enhance bankers’ sense of responsibility

        [B] help corporations achieve larger profits

        [C] guarantee the bonuses of top executives

        [D] build a new system of financial regulation

        22. Alfred Marshall is ......

        [A] the conditions for generating quick profits

        [B] “short-termism” in economic activities

        [C] governments’ impatience in decision-making

        [D] the solid structure of publicly traded companies

        23. It is argued that the influence of transient ......

        [A] temporary

        [B] indirect

        [C] minimal

        [D] adverse

        24. The US and France ......

        [A] the significance of long-term thinking

        [B] the obstacles to preventing “short-termism”

        [C] the approaches to promoting “long-termism”

        [D] the prevalence of short-term thinking

        25. Which of the following ......

        [A] Frustration of Risk-taking Bankers

        [B] Failure of Quarterly Capitalism

        [C] Decisiveness Required of Top Executives

        [D] Patience as a Corporate Virtue

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