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        2018-12-25 09:05:16| 來源: 中公教育




        Section I Use of English


        Read the following text. Choose the best word (s) ......on the ANSWER SHEET. (10 points)

        Today, we live in a world where GPS systems...... and batteries can die faster than we realize. 3 you get lost without a phone or a compass, and you 4 can’t find a north, a few tricks may help you navigate 5 to civilization, one of which is to follow the land.

        When you find yourself 6 a trail, but not in a completely 7 area of land, you have to answer two questions: ...... and on supplies of fresh water.

        9 , if you head downhill, and...... for familiar sights—you may be

        11 how quickly identifying a distinctive rock or tree can restore your bearings.

        Another 12 : Climb high ......Head toward the tree 16 to find a way out. At night, scan the horizon for 17 light sources, such as fires and streetlights, then walk toward the glow of light pollution.

        18 , assuming you’re lost in ...... and other features can 20 you to civilization.

        1. [A] Few [B] More [C] Some [D] All

        2. [A] put [B] take [C] run [D] come

        3. [A] Since [B] Until [C] Though [D] If

        4. [A] formally [B] literally [C] gradually [D] relatively

        5. [A] around [B] away [C] back [D] next

        6. [A] onto [B] along [C] across [D] off

        7. [A] unattractive [B] unfamiliar [C] unchanged [D] uncrowded

        8. [A] way [B] point [C] site [D] place

        9. [A] Instead [B] Yet [C] So [D] Besides

        10. [A] immediately [B] eventually [C] unexpectedly [D] intentionally

        11. [A] frightened [B] annoyed [C] surprised [D] confused

        12. [A] problem [B] result [C] view [D] option

        13. [A] Above all [B] For example [C] On average [D] In contrast

        14. [A] spot [B] avoid [C] bridge [D] separate

        15. [A] from [B] under [C] beyond [D] through

        16. [A] posts [B] breaks [C] shades [D] links

        17. [A] hidden [B] mysterious [C] artificial [D] limited

        18. [A] Finally [B] Consequently [C] Incidentally [D] Generally

        19. [A] memories [B] belongings [C] notes [D] marks


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